Bunco Dice Lady

Bunco Preparation

Bunco is a fairly simple dice game involving 12 players, 9 dice and a lot of fun. The Bunco host sets up three tables (card tables work great) with three dice at each table, four scorecards, one scorepad, a paper-punch and at least one pencil at each table.

These tables are labeled Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3. Table 1 is the “head” table and a Bunco bell is set on this table. Four ladies sit at each table and two temporary teams are formed at each table, typically the ladies facing each other. One person from each table is slated as the scorekeeper for all four players or you can have one person from each team keep score for their team.

Bunco Rules

The head table dings the Bunco bell and one individual at each table starts rolling the dice. The goal is to roll ones in the first “round”. If you roll a one, you continue to roll until you no longer roll a one and each one you roll is worth one point. If you roll three of any other number besides one, you receive 5 points and can continue to roll until your roll does not include three-of-a kind or a one. Three ones in the first round is a BUNCO. Nice job!

The player that receives three ones yells “Bunco” and receives 21 points. If this happens at the head table they ring the bell since the head table dictates when the round is over; which is whenever one team at the head table reaches 21. If you get a Bunco there is usually a transfer of some item to wear, such as beads, a tiara or other theme-related trinket for the evening. After round one is complete the winning team at each table paper punches a hole on the corresponding number and if they received a Bunco during that round they punch out the B. If they rolled two Buncos they punch out the B and the U.

The losing teams X out their number and punch out any Buncos they may have rolled. Everyone gets up and moves “up” to the next table if you won, or “down” if you lost. If you won and are at table one, you stay. If you lost and are at table 3, you stay. When you move, the person that was your partner during the first round can no longer be your partner. When everyone has moved and is seated, the head table dings the Bunco bell and the play continues, this time rolling for twos. Play continues through two sets of six rounds. Some Bunco groups play four sets of sixes but my group enjoys chatting in between, refilling their glass or grabbing one more bite to eat.


At the end of the evening prizes are awarded for several categories including 1) Most Buncos 2) Most Wins 3) Most Losses. Hmmm, wonder who will be the luckiest? Our group also gives prizes for Last Bunco and Biggest Loser (where the scorecards from all the ladies who have won nothing all evening are collected and one card is drawn from those collected).

The entry fee for the evening can be anywhere from $5-$20 and we divvy up the pot depending on the category. Other Bunco groups give prizes for each winning category with everyone chipping in or the hostess providing the prizes. It’s your party so feel free to set your own rules. If not all 12 players arrive then you can play with what we call a “dummy” where the game goes on as if that person were there but if you are partnered with the dummy, you roll for yourself and for the dummy.

Note: Each Bunco group may play with slightly different rules but the above is the basic game. Feel free to make changes to best fit the personality of your group! The object is to have fun! Our Bunco group does THEME BUNCOS. What better way to have the most fun at Bunco than with a theme. To order themed Bunco Boxes or other products view our CATALOG. Pick your theme out today and order a BUNCO PARTY BOX which contains all the essentials to throw the perfect theme party.