4 Sisters Bunco Logo4 Sisters has a dual meaning. This site is FOR sisters, our Bunco sisters and women in general, and 4 Sisters, in honor of my four fabulous daughters. Life would not be the same without any of them. We, as women, go through a great deal in our lifetime. I believe God created sisters to help us through those times and to celebrate with us in our victories. Our true friends (sisters) laugh with us, weep with us, and support us when we cannot carry our own burdens. They celebrate with us and rejoice when life is good!

Bunco, to me, is a celebration of women. It is not just a dice game. It is about rollin’ with my sisters, having a great time, supporting each other in our individual goals, giving to others, and literally sharing our lives over the years. When our children were young, we kept tabs on them through other moms at Bunco (and our kids just thought we had eyes in the back of our heads). Now we discuss grand babies and diets. But Bunco transcends any age bracket. My daughters now enjoy Bunco as much as I do.

My hope is that 4 Sisters Bunco will help intensify the experience of sisterhood and FUN one Bunco game at a time through sharing ideas, graphic designs, products and hopefully, friendship. I’ve spent my life planning events, designing graphics and communicating with people. I’m taking all that I know and am asking you to share the same, to create a site where we can share our secrets and celebrate being the amazing creatures we are … resilient, strong, creative, adaptable and a lot of FUN.

I have great hopes for this site in the future … but one step at a time. 4 Sisters Bunco is for my sisters. Let’s roll!