Do you know where Cheney, Washington is?  It's home to one of the greatest Bunco groups, in my humble opinion of course.  It's also about 15 minutes from Spokane, Washington.  This Bunco group has been together for some time and is a great mix of old and new members.  We even have mother/daughter members now as our children have grown. Perhaps one of the best Bunco parties we have is around Christmas.  It is always at Marilyn's house.  She "decks the halls" and is certainly a wonderful host.  Oh, her cooking and the goodies she provides . . .  For this Bunco we do a lively White Elephant Gift Exchange after we play our Bunco rounds.  We put a limit of $10 on the gift and a three-steal limit on the gift exchange.  The intent is more to entertain than gain and we have had some fun exchanges! I joined this group when my children were still in school and it was a great way to keep track on them through other mothers:-)  No kids, I really didn't have eyes in the back of my head, just some amazing Bunco friends.  Thank goodness for Bunco and good friends!