12 Bunco Dowloads

Original Price: $60.00


Bunco Blowout Sale!  For a limited time we are offering 12 downloads 50% off!  Choose whichever scorecards you like and have them customized to your individual Bunco group.  After ordering I will email you to find out which 12 cards you would like and how you would like them customized.

Customization includes how many sets of 6 you would like on the front (i.e. two sets of six, three sets of six, or other numbers your group may use depending upon how your group plays) and what categories you would like on the back (i.e. Name, Most Buncos, Biggest Loser, 50/50 and so on). 

You will receive an 8.5" x 11" scorecard template that includes 4 scorecards to the page.  Print on an 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock.  You will also receive the back to the scorecard that includes customized categories, depending upon how your group plays.  The third download per theme is matching score pads that come 3 to a page.  

Take advantage of this offer before I come to my senses! 

12 Bunco Dowloads Sale


12 Bunco Dowloads