Bunco Dice Ornament (3)


Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your Bunco friend or do you want some great decorations on your table for your next Bunco party.  These beautiful ornaments will add to any party! 

The dice measure 2" x 2".  These ornaments are glass and will be shipped with care.  Comes with a set of three (3) ornaments!

Get a paint pen and customize each dice for the name of your Bunco sisters!  Or, we can customize with a clear label for an additional $2.

Adorable snow inside each dice.  No snowman were harmed in the making of these dice!

Drop me a note at Carol@4sistersbunco.com after you order and let me know if you want a variety of ribbon or if you want particular ribbon. Many match our scorecards including the penguin, snowman, trees, etc. Others include red polka dot, Happy Holiday, Santa hat and reindeer.  

Happy Holidays!!



Bunco Dice Ornament (3)


Bunco Dice Ornament (3)