Bunco Party Box - Halloween


Halloween is creeping up and it's time to prepare for your October Bunco Party.  Get a jump start with this scary good Bunco Party Box.  You get three candle holders (with candles) that can also be used as candy holders, three colorful Halloween party boxes, a dozen Halloween pencils, cupcake holders and picks, and one bag of either bat or boo confetti!  Of course 12 Halloween scorecards and score sheets are included, as well as black plates and napkins.  And, the grand finale is the fun skeleton necklace that your sisters can wear when they get a Bunco.  This lovely (but rather skinny) lady comes with three dice earrings on her hand (that you can actually wear), a nice dice bracelet and necklace and sparkling orange eyes!   This is sure to make your next Bunco party a chillingly good time!

Listed items may change in appearance but you will still get all the listed items!

Included in the box are:

  • 12 scorecards - either the Cat or Boo Bunco
  • 6 matching score sheets (matching the scorecards you chose)
  • 1 black plastic tablecloth
  • 3 candle/candy holders, with candles
  • 3 colorful paper boxes
  • 12 black plastic plates
  • 30 black napkins
  • 24 cupcake tins and picks
  • 1 pack of 12 pencils
  • 1 pack of confetti (bats or boo)
  • 1 fun and decked-out skeleton necklace.

Happy Halloween all!

Some products may substituted if not available, with your approval.

Bunco Party Box - Halloween


Bunco Party Box - Halloween Bunco Party Box - Halloween